A bachelor’s degree is typically required for entry in 169 occupations. Table 4 shows the occupations at this education level projected to have the most openings each year, on average, from 2019 to 2029.


About 40 percent of all openings projected in the bachelor’s-level group are in the occupations shown in table 4. General and operations managers is projected to have the most openings (204,400) annually, on average, of any occupation that typically requires a bachelor’s degree for entry. This large occupation employs workers across many industries; specific entry requirements and prospects vary.

Each of the occupations in table 4 had wages that were higher than the median for all occupations. That’s not surprising, given that nearly every occupation at this education level had higher-than-median wages. A few of the occupations in the table typically require work experience in a related occupation in addition to a bachelor’s degree, but none typically requires on-the-job training for workers to attain competency.

                                        Bachelor graph